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This is a slice of life, semi-autobiographical comic about a 20-something female now post-college-student. It includes tons of metal and pop-culture references.

The artist is 20-something videographer/illustrator Karen, who likes drawing comics and listening to Finnish metal bands.

You can find this artist on DeviantArtTwitter and Tumblr, and contact her at dropoffuel at gmail dot com.

Hey, what are those little chibi-looking people running around?

Those are muses. They are fictitious representations of real people that inspire me. You ever have a conversation in your head with someone you admire but could never talk to? That’s what these guys are for. Everything they say and do is made up!

Okay then smart guy, who’s who?

Main Muses

First is Tony, based off of Tony Kakko of Sonata Arctica. Sonata is my favorite band so of course he is favored among the other muses. He is closest to the author in terms of personality, and will do anything to cheer people up.






This is Marco, based off of Marco Hietala from bands such as Nightwish, Tarot and a bunch of other projects. He tends to be “the straight man” in terms of comedy and always has his head on right.






And here is Tuomas Holopainen of Nightwish fame. His hobbies include being a angsty artiste and flirting with Tony. Did I mention these are fictional characters?






Other muses will show up and spawn from time to time, but these are the main three guys I use the most. Everything they say is made up, in my head, not real, okay? We cool? Good.

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