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I’m cross-posting a sort of bitter tumblr entry I made a year ago about ending the comic. Every once in a while I get a nice message asking what happened (no seriously, they are super nice and sweet messages), so here’s a little closure for anyone else that stumbles on here.

I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth after the new site got up, BUT I do have a good reason. This week I was completely busy with getting ready to see SONATA ARCTICA OCT. 16TH! It. Was. EPIC. Which means totally new comics from my huge adventure. I’ll try to squeeze as […]

SO! This will (hopefully) be the new home for my webcomic, Drop of Fuel! If you’re new here, ALL OF THE DATES ON THE COMICS ARE WRONG. 😀 I’ve been doing this since July 2008, and all the new dates will be correct past “Nov. 22nd, 2008”. But YEAH. Glad I finally got this started. […]