Oh wow I did a comic! And it came out really bitter.

Yeah. You know when your biggest inspiration becomes your new target for vengeance? Kinda…not fun.

I’m cross-posting a sort of bitter tumblr entry I made a year ago about ending the comic. Every once in a while I get a nice message asking what happened (no seriously, they are super nice and sweet messages), so here’s a little closure for anyone else that stumbles on here.

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Drop of Fuel now has a Facebook page!

And a separate Twitter!

I decided to set up some separate accounts and things so people can still easily follow the comic while I spam my twitter with what I had for lunch and the like. So if you miss my sporadic updates, just add the Facebook page or the Twitter and get easy updates without all my ramblings! Although I cannot account for the guys’ ramblings…it’s okay, they keep it short (since they’re short *boom tish*).

Yeah woo updating again! It is Winter Break for me so I thought I’d work on getting back in the swing of things.

Also I am getting a lot of spam comments. ;_; I leave for two months and come back to a spam explosion! Damn you spam. Damn you.

I apologize for dropping off the face of the earth after the new site got up, BUT I do have a good reason. This week I was completely busy with getting ready to see SONATA ARCTICA OCT. 16TH! It. Was. EPIC. Which means totally new comics from my huge adventure. I’ll try to squeeze as many updates as I can each week because this weekend was legendary, and it’s going to take a while to tell all that happened. So hold on to your hats, because these new strips will be AWESOME.

SO! This will (hopefully) be the new home for my webcomic, Drop of Fuel! If you’re new here, ALL OF THE DATES ON THE COMICS ARE WRONG. 😀 I’ve been doing this since July 2008, and all the new dates will be correct past “Nov. 22nd, 2008”. But YEAH. Glad I finally got this started.

For all new readers there’s approximately 150 comics in the archives, so go check them out! Hope you guys have fun. ^_^